Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I actually want to make an inventory of all the utterly useless and pointless thoughts that go through my head every day. (For eg. i am funny, i am funny, i am funny, i am funny, i am funny, i am funny, i am funny, i am funny, i am funny,i am funny, i am funny, i am funny, i am funny, i am funny, i am funny, i am funny......)
NO. 1 Why i totally agree with the American couch potato.........
People do various things when they are suddenly alone in the house. Some eat the forbidden chocolates and cakes, some dance wildly to ear splitting music, some invite friends over and start boozing......and what do i do?????......i do something that i would hate being caught doing. i watch television.
In my defense, i only watch the crap that comes on channels like Star World and Zee Cafe. Any show thats running will do for me. Here is a list of shows that i have watched and never before admitted.
1. The O.C. ( stupid teenage drama.......cant relate to it at all......then why do i watch it???? me)
2. the Ellen show ( quite fun really....but useless in terms of content value)
3. Friends ( my favourite!!!!!!)
4. Seinfeld ( i watch it because it comes before Friends)
5. American idol ( really good singers)
6. My wife and kids ( really cute and happy)
7. Lost ( interesting story and two very handsome actors)
8. Beauty and the Brains ( funny)
9 The wedding planner ( nice)

No.2: Another useless thought....
I saw the picture of a teddy bear in the newspaper and i got this thought........barbies these days are really glam......G.I. joes are getting sexier all the time.....but the teddy bear has always remained this fat, cuddly thing.........wht if some nut decides to introduce this slim and fit teddy bear???????........i bet there will be a huge furore over it......columnists will start writing about how todays generation has a terrible body image....nd how they obsess over their bodies.....nd how this characteristic is reflected in the slim teddy bear.........
( i kno this sounds incomplete bt this is where my thought processes stopped)

No.3: Another one........
There i was wording the old cliche, " i dont understand art and what's more i dont think there is any meaning to it." Then this friend of mine says, "ya i thought so too......but when we had gone to an art gallery as part of a student excursion, i was viewing the paintings along with this teacher. There was a particular painting in which there was this expressionless girl writing a letter. beside her table was a waste basket containing a lot of crumpled paper. The painting was titled 'frustration'. my teacher had a smile on her face so i asked her if the painting makes sense to her. She said that the frustration felt by the girl is symbolized by the amount of waste paper in the basket." So now i have no opinion on art left.

No4: And another.....
Through my teenage life i have seen guys use some lines ........however heartfelt their adoration may be , there are some lines i will never are few of them.........
1) "Baby, i cant live without you"- But guys, you also cant live without your mom, television and that damned iPOD. I would feel right foolish to feel happy when a guy says that to me.
2)"I can't stop thinking of you."- If that is so then what is that Playboy still doing on your desk?????
3)" You are the girl of my dreams"- With Carla Bruni and Anjelina Jolie still alive and kicking in this world, I doubt guys sleep long enough to dream of anybody else.
4) "I love you"- Its not that i don't think guys can love........its just that i prefer, " i am in love with you." Princess Mia of The Princess Diaries series said very correctly that you can love your dog, cat, food and blah blah. But you can never be in love with them.

No.5:The strange 'w'..........
Dublew- these are the six alphabets required just to pronounce one alphabet ie 'w'. I find it strange and pointless. (I want to right something more after this...any ideas???)


ankeita bharadwaj said... i hv d pleasure 2 tel u dat u r an amazingly intrstng teenager?u write thngs in realy intrstng way n u r sucesful in rivetting ur readrz thru d whle story..gud it up.

C R D said...

hey, i used to watch television when i was vela before. now i blog [:P] but i aint complaining.its great

tht painting idea was damn good yaar..wonder y u didt understand :O havent u faced the same while blogging?[:P]

keep posting

C R D said...


somalee said...

Well You people call Tshhar Chauvnist or sexist or whatver
But whatever he is, atleast he is trying to find a peacefull solution to the problem.On the other hand Miss Nidhi is encouraging such lewd comments against him on her blogs.
bharatiyer said...

Yes, I have had a lousy upbringing. See if I give a damn. You know what, you condescending prick? Take your God and shove him up your hairy derrier. The next time you mention God to me I swear I will make you wish you were never born. Your God is an invention. A tool of politics and manipulation. A way to justify genocide and destruction. Balls to your God.

And you know what else? If you weren't the insecure twat you are, you wouldn't even care who slanders you. You won't go hunting for insulting posts about you. So why don't you cut the crap you hypocrite?
2 July, 2008 12:22 AM

We have asked for an apology, and removal of this comment.Kindly help.
Thank you

Rat said...

hehe nice! One correction though: It's Angelina Jolie not Anjelina Jolie.
This is your favourite cousin Anj btw. =)