Sunday, May 25, 2008

WHAT IF…………….

What if the cat never chased the rat?
And their enmity is all false rot?
Would you still have exclaimed at Tom and Jerry?
While they frolicked and fought?

What if we become incapable of laughter?
Would we jest and joke at all?
What would become of Santa and Banta…..?
Would a smile suffice a comic fall?

What if the cool breeze never blew?
What would make the trees sway?
Would the soulless A.C. be
The only respite after a tiring day?

What if we forget the colors of sunset?
And the sweet scent of flowers?
What if its happening right now and you don’t know it?
Maybe we should slow down a bit……………

- the hobbit


1 comment:

Rat said...

what if indeed! Wow, suki, it's amazing!