Sunday, November 05, 2006

A SMILE !!!!!!!!!!!!

An expression that lightens up the mood,
that makes people cheerful,
that spreads happiness everywhere,
just a simple smile,simply beautiful.

Frown and be a pessimist,
the world is all dry and dreary,
the problems seem to magnify,
and the road ahead seems scary.

Smile and be an optimist,
eager for every new day,
twists and turns are nothing,
simply go smiling all the way!

A smile just transforms the face!
brings in fresh hope,
breaks the chain of dark despair,
gives a man, strenght to cope.

So smile and smile whenever you can,
Precious seconds are lost in sighing,
in this world of good and bad,
a smile will keep you striving.
- the hobbit

1 comment:

Tushaar Mangal said...

sukanya here is a technical problem yu need to correct...yur poem is cuming seems yu not filling up the title part...
Well many people at various point of time have discussed with me optimism and happiness of pains and sorrows of the world........
This piece is an excellent one sukanya just becuase it serves as asugar coated tablet.It gives a message to all of us...adults and yung both yet it doesnt look like lecture but a beutiful written poem
Rhyming is one thing i wuld have preffered was as if required here....i wuld give yu 7 marks out of 10 for this poem
Now smile plz