Monday, November 13, 2006

If i would want to explain LOR in one sentence then i would say that this story is about a bunch of people who undergo great danger to steal an unremarkable ring and then again go through great danger to destroy it. But it would be a great injustice to do so.To all the people who have not read LOR i would suggest them to read 'The Hobbit' by the same author and then read LOR.
Harry Potter ,the boy who lived is the fascinating tale of the classic all time favourite of the wronged and vulnerable hero with the classic all time favourite hated and feared villain making this story a classic all time favourite saga.
To start with, i would say that what works LOR is the thrilling,nail-biting war sequences,the old-worldish,royal language and the superbly portrayed change of Frodo (the hero) from an insecure,overwhelmed boy to a resolute and brave man. The author's imagination seems limitless as he includes the traditional dwarves,elves,goblins with his own inventions like orcs,hobbits,tree beard,nasguls etc .
What wrks for HP is the the fascinating narrative style that takes the reader through all the emotions of laughter,happiness,tension,sadness,anger,relief,fear and many more.I always have a knot in my stomach as the end nears.Its speciality is that it can be read how many ever times one wants to read.
But now for the bad.LOR has not been edited as well as HP and contains unnecessary details.HP has a lot of uncontrolled magic while the magic in LOR is within limits.One finds mistakes in HP,for eg. if veritaserum is such a great truth potion then why isnt it used in all the wizengamot sessions?If felixis felicas is a goodluck potion then why doesnt Lord Voldemort (ya,you gotta respect him) use it every time? LOR is too long for no reason.It has more poems than required and is a bit too discriptive. While Lord Voldemort is described in great detail,Sauron(the villain in LOR) feels a bit incomplete.Sam,Frodo's sidekick seems a bit too devoted while Harry's sidekicks'ron and hermoine have the necessary human elements.LOR is more exciting than HP.LOR doesnt dissapoint when reaches its climax.
So why is HP more popular tan LOR??????????? It must be because Harry's world seems more real than Frodo's.The degree of attachment to Harry is more.(i wont be able to bear it if Harry dies in the 7th book).His problems and thoughts are similar to that of millions of teenagers.
Its really difficult to say which is better (though i have a small soft corner for LOR) and i think it will be wrong to voice one's verdict until the 7th book is published.


Tshhar Mangal said...

superb...amazing wonderful writeup
i nevr read lor though after reading this article my interest has been aroused i cant comment on the technical aspects of the article...i read hundreds
of books but can nevr analyse them so well...i mean i nevr knew of those errors in hp...well done sukanya...Though i would like to express my displeasure over the name the author ssigns with i mean yu are blessed with such a nice name sukanya .... then why hobbit
i strongly disapprove of this...
Rest i enjoyed this article
job well done ....

Aashi Joshi said... ur only 14..err.rite...????...i mean nice comparison....n well written both in the flow and the construction factor...
just a teensy wincy i can speak bettr 4 harry potter...u hvta luk thru jo rowlings site 2 realise where she has errd n where she simply hasnt given more explaination...for bth the errs uv written already hv been explaind by her....but yes she has made definate mistakes...which is but natural........
n thou u do hv a soft corner 4 LOR n have rightly said tht its the language tht touches a person most in LOR yet HP has been considerd a bigger hit simply bcoz it appeals to the reader more...n is fun 2 read if 1 wants 2 keep it in the surface or if sum1 wants 2 go in bth ways...