Saturday, January 13, 2007

well this is a totally brainless poem i wrote when i saw my mother operating microsoft follows absolutely none of the rules of poem writing..............dont even know why i put it over here.........


My computer and my mother,
Totally dislike each other!
Whenever she works with it
Starts a war involving every byte and bit!!!!!!!!

Firstly, clicking at all the wrong places
she mutters like all those spastic cases...............

Just look at her shudder,
After her lovingly typed letter,
Has gone into the gutter,
When instead of shift-control,
She pressed shift-enter.

Aghast, she looks on and on
she's truly going to have a seizure,
While after sending that shrill beep,
The computer sits with sadistic pleasure.

Spreads her hands in utter confusion,
Then shakes her head in total resignation............

Her pleasant round face,
Contorts into a frown,
Finally she bellows and screams,
Like one about to drown!!!!!!!!!!!!
-the hobbit.

1 comment:

C R D said...

hehe. funny.

atleast ur mom tried. my mom only dares to shut off the pc

even tht she does the wrong way, she simply switches off the power switch :P